About Me

MD Roman Sarkar Founder Of Geniusplug Technology, Bangladesh Todays and Co-Founder, Genius IT Institute. MD Roman Sarkar is talented and one of the most famous and noted entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. He is the founder of Geniusplug Technology, Genius IT Institute, and he started this startup right after completing his Diploma Engineering from SPI in 2018. Currently, Geniusplug Technology is one of the leading software companies in Bangladesh and provides services nationwide and internationally. Geniusplug Technology has become a Global name in the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Canada, UK, USA, and the Middle East countries.

What I'm Doing

Digital Marketing

creative solutions to drive brand awareness and lead generation via free or paid digital channels including SEO,SMM,WEB,APP,ADS,ORGANIC,SEM

Web Development

Design and develop a premium business website · Develop your website according to your wish. LMS,CRM,WORDPRESS,RESPONSIVE

Mobile Apps

Professional development of applications for iOS and Android.Be your android app developer,

Search Engine Optimization

I grow your business authority high-quality google rank & knowledge panel at a professional level.